We sell quality streams for low prices. We are currently available in The Adult Grid and SecondLife. Want to hear a live demo? Click the button below.

Random Streams

We sell Live DJ's and auto DJ Streams for a good price.

All our streams standard have 9999 listeners and you can stream upon to 320 kbps. The shoutcast version is v1. If you want v2 just contact us and we guarantee 99,9% uptime. 


We also deliver support for all your questions We prefer the ticket system instead of inworld contact since we are not always available inworld.


Please make sure if you use our ticket system you put in the Rentbox number and which world you are at.

The auto DJ streams comes with 2.5 GB, 5GB or 10GB storage. They are easy to set up with an internal file upload and FTP upload. All the information is in the controle panel, which you can access after you rent a box at one of our inworld store.

About US

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Prices in Second life:


Live DJ: 50L$ a week

Auto DJ 2.5 GB: 125L$ a week

Auto DJ 5 GB: 185L$ a week

Auto DJ 10 GB: 250L$ a week


Prices in The Adult Grid:


Live DJ: 100X$ a week

Auto DJ 2.5 GB: 250X$ a week

Auto DJ 5 GB: 500X$ a week

Auto DJ 10 GB: 1000X$ a week

By purchasing a stream from Random Streams as well as by using the Random Streams services you agree to the following:

Help & Support: All questions, requests or suggestions, can be sent by our ticketservice at

Stream Accounts: All Random Streams accounts that are available in our Second Life or The Adult Grid stores, come with a Notecard, with detailed information and can be used directly.
Please note: We can take down a service without any notice or reason given, if we see a need to do so. 

Stream Account Duration: You will get an IM before experation to renew. If you don't want to renew in:

Secondlife. Go to our store and click your box, then click the won't renew button.


The Adult Grid. Don't pay your box.

Music licensing: Random Streams does not cover the licensing for the music that the users play to stream music to the public. The users must respect the law in their country and should register to a licensing service. Random Streams is not responsible and obliged to pay any licensing fees regarding music licensing. Any user is responsible for their own licensing fees.

Uptime: Random Streams guarantees a 99.9 percent uptime.

Refunds: Random Streams doesn't give any refunds in any circumstance.

Copyright: All material contained on this web site including web design, graphic design artworks and photographs, is protected under copyright law. Any kind of unauthorized use is strictly forbidden. Copyright ©2017 Random Streams. All Rights Reserved. Random Streams is part of IsFlex.

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